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Kae Hwa - Premium TPEE Membrane Manufacturer


Since 1998, Kae Hwa has concentrate and dedicates on research and developing the Breathable Resin, Breathable film, Compounding and Lamination for diversity application. With its strong chemical background and understand the market trend, the company are keep invest on new facility and upgrade existing equipment to meet market demand.

Today, the significant products has developed for different category by Kae Hwa Taiwan, Malaysia and China facility, such as backsheet for Diapers and Incontinent, Apron, Industrial Coveralls, Outdoor cover, Agriculture cover, Convenient Raincoat, the cover for desiccant, warm pack and etc.

The company's commitment to innovation, evident in its continuous investment in new facilities and equipment upgrades, underscores its dedication to meeting market demands for superior breathable film solutions. Kae Hwa's journey in breathable film began in 1998, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence in breathable resin research, film development, and compounding.

With a solid foundation in chemistry and a keen understanding of market trends, the company has positioned itself as a trailblazer. This commitment is further highlighted by ongoing investments in cutting-edge facilities and continuous equipment upgrades, ensuring Kae Hwa remains at the forefront of delivering premium breathable film solutions to the market.

Kae Hwa - Premium TPEE Membrane Manufacturer