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We take pride in being reputable waterproof breathable fabric suppliers, providing high-quality solutions tailored to various industries' specific needs. Microporous Laminated Fabric is composed by nonwoven laminted breathable microporous film . The microporous size is smaller than water drop and larger than moisture vapor to hold out liquid and blood penteration. The innovated microporous fabrics offers a good barrier to biological Infective agents to be wildly used in disease prevention . Furthermore, the nonwoven side offers soft feeling to skin and provides a great wearing experience to the wearers. Different color with different weight composition could be customized .

  • Microporous Laminated Fabric are laminated by laminating breathable
    Microporous films from non-woven fabrics. The pores are smaller in size than water droplets and larger than water vapor to prevent the penetration of liquids and blood . The innovative microporous fabric provides excellent protection against biological infectious agents widely used for disease prevention.The non-woven side provides a soft feel to the skin , in order to provide the wearer with a good wearing experience .Can be customizedwith different weight components and different colors.
  • The ingredients needed to create microporous laminated breathable fabric are not complicated :
    you start with a piece of regular fabric , like nylon ,example, and then place a layer of film over it . While the specific process for creating a laminated fabric is difficult for every implementation and one method might not be used for every variery ,the concept is the same. The goal of lamination is to improve some quality of the orginal fabric,like making it stronger, or to give it a dimension that the original fabrics does not have , like waterproofing or fire resistance-pe laminated fabric is highly valued for it's flexibility and strength.


  • Is waterproof laminated fabric waterproof?
    This question depends on the material you are using. Laminated cotton tends to be water repellent rather than waterproof , while PUL(polyurethance laminate)  is completely waterproof.Waterproof vinyl is the first choice in many markets and a major demand for relatedproject.

  • What is Microporous laminated breathable fabric used for?
    The most obvious use of laminated fabric ,or maybe even any fabric ,is in clothing. The first encounter most of us have with laminated fabric is via our childhood raincoats.In fact , lots of products for children are laminated, for their increased durability , and the ease with which they can be cleaned. The ease of maintenance and cleaning is also why a common use for laminated fabric is for PPE in the medical industry.Another frequent user of laminated fabric includes the automotive industry , as they like the stylish appearance of certain fabrics but need some additional protection from the elements. Wool blends and leather are the most common varieties of this kind of fabric.

  • What do you use lamminated cotton for ?
    Cotton is one of the most popular clothing materials and it is also very popular for lammination in garments, likewise cotton is the fabric of choicefor most people when it comes to lamination.Since cotton fabrics can come in many forms,lamminated forms are popular.

  • Can you laminate any fabric?
    Yes , laminate versions are available for every kind of fabric so far invented  Cotton remains one of the most popular fabrics for lamination , not just because it can be doneat homeby almost anyone , but for it's sturdiness and availability. 

Breathable Fabric


  • The feature of it has good air-permeability and is water-resistant. The reason is that the PE film has a micropore that can be breathable and water will not flow out.
  • Hot Sale Waterproof Polyethylene Film Microporous Breathable Fabric is made of microporous film laminate PPSB and is designed to resist liquid while providing superior breathability. In terms of both breathability and liquid protection, microporous fabric coverall provides a better wearing experience than multi-layer SMS and PE-coated PPSB fabric coveralls.
  • The coverall fabric structures determine the breathability and liquid-proof function, which are compared in three fabric constructions as Multi-layer Spunbonded Melt-blown Spunbonded (SMS) fabric, Microporous film laminated PP nonwoven (PPSB), and Impervious PE coated fabric (PE Coated PPSB).
  • The raw material of protective clothing is that to ease the harmful feeling and keep your comfort at work, you must check two critical figures on the spec sheet representing breathability: MVTR and Ret value.
  • So, our products have good performance when wearing protective clothing while working in a hazardous environment reducing the risks of contact with contamination and keeping you safe. However, some wearers may experience soak-in sweating while working in a hot and humid environment.
  • Our materials can be versatile. It can be cloth-like tecture, paper-like texture or any other customized features. It is disposable which can applied on many of your consumables designs.

We are one of best waterproof breathable fabric suppliers, specializing in high-performance surgical gown fabric for enhanced healthcare applications.