Kae Hwa Historic

Kae Hwa Historic


Kae Hwa has made significant breakthroughs in the field of environmental protection. We have developed a fully biodegradable breathable film and obtained the certification from OWS Laboratory. This innovation not only reduces plastic usage and carbon emissions but also demonstrates our commitment to creating a greener world.

In the same year, we also obtained the GRS certificate for manufacturing fabrics using various recycled materials, which are widely applied in industrial, domestic, medical, and textile sectors. When combined with RPP non-woven fabric, our fabrics exhibit high water resistance and breathability, while remaining recyclable and contributing to a fully circular and sustainable environment.

Additionally, we have obtained a patent certificate in Taiwan for applying the breathable film in agriculture, improving crop yields in adverse growing conditions.

Kae Hwa has developed an environmentally friendly, monolithic film that can be widely used in textile products. By combining it with PET polyester fibers, the film achieves high water resistance and breathability. Additionally, it enables the recycling and reprocessing of products, contributing to energy conservation and carbon reduction goals.

Taiwan-based company Kae Hwa has obtained a patent for its newly developed antibacterial material, which can be applied in various sectors such as protective clothing and agriculture. This breakthrough has brought about new opportunities for these industries. Additionally, their biodegradable breathable film, developed in 2021, has found wide applications in packaging materials, sanitary products, medical supplies, and industrial goods. This innovative technology not only possesses recyclability but also contributes to energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, making significant contributions to environmental protection.

Kae Hwa has been a major supplier of high-quality, highly protective protective clothing, providing over 80,000 kilometers of fabric (exceeding two Earth circumferences) to frontline healthcare workers. They have played a crucial role during this critical time, contributing their efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of medical personnel.

Kae Hwa has developed the thinnest 43 gsm protective fabric in the global market, which has obtained certification for the latest EU protective clothing standards, making it suitable for widespread application in Type 4B/5B/6B specifications. We have created a new 3-layer structure (SFS) fabric, certified for medical use according to ASTM1670 (blood penetration test) and ASTM1671 (viral penetration test). This fabric is extensively used in high-end medical protective clothing, providing an excellent blend of softness and comfort, as well as waterproof breathability and protection against bloodborne viruses, ensuring optimal protection for healthcare professionals.

Kae Hwa has launched the thinnest breathable film in the global market, weighing only 10 grams per square meter. This innovative product finds wide applications in the waterproof and breathable backsheet of sanitary materials, as well as in the industrial and medical sectors for waterproof, breathable, and high-quality protective products. It provides a more flexible and comfortable wearing experience.

Kae Hwa' factory in Malaysia has started operations, providing nearby services to Southeast Asian customers. During the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, their materials once again became the top choice for protective clothing manufacturers, making a significant contribution to combating the epidemic.

Kae Hwa has established a brand-new factory in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, aiming to provide hygiene product customers with more convenient and efficient services. This expansion enables them to better meet customer demands and further expand their market share.

Kae Hwa has obtained patent rights for several new product items in Taiwan, Japan, China, and Thailand, showcasing their achievements in research and innovation. This positions them with a competitive advantage in the international market.

In the aftermath of the Fukushima 311 nuclear disaster in Japan, the Cloth-like material developed by Kae Hwa played a crucial role in providing safe and convenient protective suits for disaster cleanup personnel. Their product has proven instrumental in disaster response and protection efforts.

In the Gulf of Mexico oil spill incident, Kae Hwa provided a comfortable and excellent wearing experience for the cleanup workers with their Cloth-like material protective suits. Their products played a crucial role in environmental protection.

Kae Hwa has implemented the Total Quality Control (TQC) system and integrated it with their production equipment to achieve more precise quality control. The introduction of this system has further enhanced the quality and consistency of their products, providing customers with reliable products.

Kae Hwa has successfully exported the waterproof layer and adhesive materials used in sanitary diapers to the Chinese market. Their products have been recognized and accepted in the international market, bringing new business opportunities to the company.

Kae Hwa has introduced online printing and online lamination systems, which have made the production process faster and more convenient. The introduction of this system has facilitated a streamlined production flow, encompassing film coating, printing, and lamination processes, resulting in improved production efficiency.

Kae Hwa has officially entered the commercialization phase of mass production. Their efforts and innovations have made them the first company in Taiwan capable of independently researching and developing granulation and commercially producing breathable PE films. This marks a significant milestone for them in the industry.

Kae Hwa has established a new film production base in the Binhai Industrial Zone in Lukang, Changhua. This base is dedicated to the production of breathable PE films and is committed to the development of breathable particle technology, as well as research and application of various lamination techniques. With this expansion, it has become the first manufacturer in Taiwan to possess autonomous research and development capabilities for pelletization and commercial production of breathable PE films.

Kae Hwa has established a factory in Kaohsiung and has shifted its focus towards the production of industrial raw materials and application products such as benzoic acid and sodium silicate. Their commitment and efforts have laid the foundation for the company's future development.