Hygiene Fabric and Diaper Backsheet

Hygiene fabric

We are a leading manufacturer of hygiene fabric, providing top-notch solutions for diaper backsheet applications, ensuring utmost comfort and reliability.

Hygiene fabric, including diaper backsheet materials, plays a vital role in ensuring comfort and protection for users. The hygiene fabric is engineered with properties that provide excellent breathability while maintaining an effective barrier against moisture and leaks.

Diaper backsheet, as a part of hygiene fabric, acts as the outermost layer of disposable diapers, preventing liquid from escaping while keeping the wearer dry. These fabrics are designed with superior absorbency and softness, enhancing the overall user experience.

Manufacturers focus on creating hygiene fabrics that prioritize skin health, catering to the needs of infants, seniors, and individuals with sensitive skin. Through continuous research and development, they refine these fabrics to offer better performance and eco-friendly options.