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Kae Hwa

Kae Hwa - Premium TPEE Membrane Manufacturer

Company Introduce

Kae Hwa is a breathable membrane manufacturing company located in Taiwan. The main products are diversified applications such as breathable resins, breathable film, and breathable composite fabrics. With more than 60 years of profound chemical background and understanding of market trends, the company continuously invests in new facilities and upgrades existing equipment to meet market demands. Our skilled R&D team combines professional knowledge with innovative thinking to drive technological progress. We work closely with our production teams to develop state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, ensuring that each product meets world-class quality standards.

In order to serve the needs of customers in different countries, we produce in factories in Taiwan and Malaysia, providing a variety of high-quality waterproof and breathable products for customers to use, such as baby or adult diapers, sanitary napkins, nursing pads and other waterproof and breathable back layers, Type 4B /5B/6B industrial protective clothing, AAMI Level 4 medical protective clothing, isolation clothing, agricultural waterproof and breathable cover cloth, waterproof and breathable raincoat, desiccant packaging materials, warm bag packaging materials, etc.

Kae Hwa - Premium TPEE Membrane Manufacturer

Environmentally Friendly

In 2000, Kae Hwa developed an environmentally friendly and non-toxic moisture indicator ink to replace some traditional solvent-based polluting inks.

In 2002, we introduced an online edge material recycling system to reduce the generation of waste and achieve the recycling and reuse of waste in the factory.

In 2003, with advanced technology and the latest equipment, the one-stop production process of direct 2-color printing and lamination on the line enabled us to provide the most stable quality and greatly reduce our electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

In 2015, we released the world's thinnest 10gsm breathable membrane, and in 2018 we obtained EU-certified protective clothing using this specification, reducing carbon emissions by at least 30%.

As a leading green company with more than two decades of experience, we update our equipment to improve machine energy efficiency, reduce undesirable emissions, re-use solar energy to reduce carbon emissions, and conduct extensive research on various sustainable materials, including waste from inside the factory recycling and development of the world's first biodegradable breathable waterproof membrane. We are deeply aware of future trends where environmental protection and sustainable development have become important benchmarks, and we strive to create the necessary conditions for a new world of sustainable living.


Excellence in quality

Materials are currently widely used in hygiene, industry, agriculture, construction, automotive and consumer finished products; with more than 60 years of innovation and dedication, Kae Hwa has become a leading force in the field of PE breathable membranes. Our strong commitment to excellence enables us to grow together with our valued clients and markets. The respect and appreciation we receive from our clients drives our drive to invest in cutting-edge research and come up with new ideas and products. Going forward, Kae Hwa remains steadfast in fulfilling our mission to provide the highest standard of quality and service to our customers and society as a whole. We will continue to work together to create a better future.

Kae Hwa - Premium TPEE Membrane Manufacturer

Sustainable Development

"Your choice, our responsibility" is not only our slogan, but also our actual actions. We are always trying to make more improvements to our products. And provide the best service to our customers. All we want to do is to let our customers have a perfect experience, and we sincerely hope to establish long-term and good trade relationships with our business partners.