Napkin Backsheet

Napkin Backsheet

Napkin Backsheet
Napkin Backsheet
The main material is cotton,non-woven fabric,high molecular polymer and polymer design composite paper formed by a composite of materials above cotton, non-woven fabric,pulp,and the side is used for side leakage.And the base of the legs, so sanitary napkins with soft fabric side are more favored by women.
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Napkin Backsheet





Name Specification
Material Breathable PE Film + PP Nonwoven Fabric
Weight 25 - 40 gsm
Width 80mm - 2000mm
Length 2000M
Surface Treatment

White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange. Desire color and printing design are also acceptable by demand

Printing Up to 4 colors printed will allow to imitate the multiple color print


Laminated fabric is a key choice for the backsheet of sanitary pads, as it plays a vital role in determining their quality and comfort. This type of fabric offers excellent performance and comfort while ensuring leak protection for sanitary pads.

Our napkin backsheet exhibits superior adherence, seamlessly combining with other components of the sanitary pad. This adherence ensures the fabric's stability and prevents deformation or shifting during use.

Breathability is crucial for the backsheet of sanitary pads, as it allows for skin breathability and overall health. Premium breathable membranes combined with the fabric offer exceptional breathability, effectively dissipating moisture and heat, thus keeping the skin dry and comfortable. This breathability also helps prevent bacterial growth, enhancing the sanitary level of the sanitary pads.

The laminated fabric used in the backsheet of sanitary pads needs to be soft and provide a pleasant touch to ensure user comfort. This softness and tactile experience provide users with a comfortable and enjoyable usage experience.



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