Product Showcase

Product Showcase

Welcome to the Product Showcase of Kae Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd.

Here, we present our finest and most innovative products.

Whether you are in the medical, healthcare, or industrial sector, or simply a consumer looking for high-quality products, we believe you will find the inspiration and solutions you need in this meticulously designed showcase.

At Kae Hwa Industrial, our primary focus is the production of breathable films that can be laminated with various fabrics.

We pride ourselves on being able to tailor the characteristics of our products to meet the specific requirements of our customers, providing solutions that satisfy their diverse needs.

In addition to offering products that meet customer demands, we also provide assistance throughout the production process, ensuring top-notch procurement and product quality.

Our expertise extends from the thinnest breathable films, starting at 10gsm (grams per square meter), to heavier options up to 100gsm.

With over 60 years of experience in the field, we continue to innovate and develop new products to meet evolving demands.


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Showcase 1:

Kae Hwa - Premium TPEE Membrane Manufacturer

This exhibition area showcases adhesive laminated fabrics primarily used in medical and industrial applications. In the image, you can see various rolls of different colors on the right side, which are mainly used in protective coverall for medical and industrial purposes, such as protective suits and raincoats. These fabrics have obtained European Union certification, ensuring excellent quality and providing high-quality safety assurance.

Protective Coverall Fabric:

  • Compliant with EN 14126 and EN 1149 standards
  • Meets the requirements of EN Type 4B, 5B, and 6B classifications

Furthermore, on the left side of the picture, three-layer adhesive laminated fabrics are presented, specifically designed to resist viruses and other bloodborne pathogens. These fabrics are mainly used in surgical gowns.

Surgical Gown Fabric: 

  • Compliant with ASTM 1670 and ASTM 1671 standards
  • Meets the requirements of AAMI L4 classification

Showcase 2:

Hygiene and consumer showroom

Our second exhibition zone primarily showcases adhesive-laminated fabric rolls that find applications in hygiene materials, outdoor building materials, agriculture, and consumer product packaging. In hygiene, they are utilized for baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkin backings, as well as incontinence pads, offering exceptional waterproofing and breathability. With our advanced 4-color printing capabilities, we can produce a variety of patterns and colors that remain vibrant over time.

Regarding outdoor applications, these adhesive laminated fabric rolls are suitable for roofing and wall materials, car covers, and agricultural films. They possess high strength and UV resistance, ensuring superior product quality and durability. Furthermore, in consumer packaging, our rolls can be used for desiccants, air fresheners, moisture absorbers, heat packs, eye masks, adhesive patches, and more. We tailor the strength, breathability, and water resistance properties of the rolls to meet the specific requirements of each product, delivering exceptional performance.

Showcase 3:

Kae Hwa - Premium TPEE Membrane Manufacturer

The final display area showcases finished products that utilize our company's specialized fabrics. These products are primarily applied in the medical and industrial sectors, including protective suits, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, raincoats, work uniforms, and jackets. Our fabrics offer excellent waterproof and breathable performance, meeting industry requirements as demonstrated in rigorous testing of the finished products.


  • EN TYPE 4B 5B 6B
  • AAMI L4
  • EN 14126
  • EN 368
  • EN 1149
  • EN 14325
  • ASTM 1670
  • ASTM 1671

We take great pleasure in providing top-notch products and services. If you have any requirements or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are committed to offering exceptional support and timely responses. Thank you.


Your Choose, Our Reposibility