Printing PP Film

Printing PP Film

Printing PP Film
Printing PP Film
Polymerfilms offers a diverse range of breathable polypropylene films specifically designed for large format and graphic printing purposes. As an extension of your team, we are here to offer recommendations and general assistance in selecting the right materials for your specific printing requirements.
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Our selection of plastic films caters to various industries, ensuring that we can meet the unique needs of each application. Whether it's for large format printing or graphic printing, you can rely on Polypropylene film to provide high-quality materials that deliver outstanding results.

When it comes to large format graphic printing, polypropylene films are an ideal choice. These films possess the necessary characteristics to facilitate the printing process while ensuring optimal print quality. They allow for breathability, ensuring that the printed graphics remain vibrant and long-lasting.

polypropylene film is also available as one of our raw materials, suitable for applications in sanitary, industrial, agricultural, and residential packaging. This versatile film provides reliable protection for various products, maintaining their integrity and ensuring proper packaging.



Name Specification
Material Polypropylene
Weight 10 - 100 gsm
Width 80mm - 2000mm
Length 2000M
Surface Treatment Up to 4 colors printed will allow to imitate multiple colorful print
Application Packing, Industrial, Medical, Hygiene, Agricultural









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