Printing PE Film

Printing PE Film

Printing PE Film
Printing PE Film
Many different types of breathable polyethylene film for large format/graphic print purposes. Ideal types of microporous polyethylene film for large format graphic printing.Poly Printing Polyethylene Film is one of the raw materials for sanitary, industrial, agricultural, and residential packaging applications.
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Printing PE film is commonly used as packaging material after printing. It offers several advantages such as lightness, transparency, resistance to moisture and oxygen, smooth surface, and protection of goods. Additionally, it can accurately reproduce the shape and color of the packaged items. Polyethylene film, a colorless, tasteless, odorless, translucent, and non-toxic insulating material, is widely used for packaging bags, food bags, and various containers. However, due to its inert nature, printing on polyethylene film requires special processing for optimal results.

The printing methods for polyethylene film include flexographic, gravure, and screen printing. To ensure successful printing, the ink used should have high viscosity and strong adhesion, enabling the ink molecules to firmly adhere to the dry plastic surface. It should also dry easily with the help of oxygen in the air. Gravure printing on plastic films typically involves thoroughly grinding and dispersing synthetic resins, organic solvents, and pigments based on alcohols. This creates a colloidal fluid with excellent flowability. The ink used is volatile and dries quickly, offering efficient printing, strong durability, vibrant colors, and rapid drying. This type of ink is suitable for gravure rotary machines used for printing on polyethylene film.



Name Specification
Material Polyethylene
Weight 10 - 100 gsm
Width 80mm - 2000mm
Length 2000M
Surface Treatment Up to 4 colors printed will allow to imitate multiple colorful print
Application Packing, Industrial, Medical, Hygiene, Agricultural




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