Embossed PE film

Embossed PE film

Embossed PE film
Embossed PE film
Embossed PE film, derived from polyethylene, is a versatile plastic film that has revolutionized the packaging and industrial landscape. It has softness, high elongation, high WVTR, high Breathability, low WVTR or low breathability are design to meet by demand. For different usage and purpose, the Embossed PE film able to adjust physical properties through resin composite and production method. Ski full technic and advance machine are the key elements to ensure the quality to meet require.
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product description

Embossed PE film is a commonly used material with a unique texture and surface treatment that can provide enhanced slip and slip resistance. This kind of film is usually used for packaging items that require anti-slip properties to ensure the stability and safety of the items during transportation and storage.

Embossed PE film is made of polyethylene material and has many advantages. First of all, the embossed texture endows the film with a higher surface friction coefficient, which makes it have excellent anti-slip properties and can better fit the fabric.

In addition, the embossed PE film also has good tear resistance and abrasion resistance, as well as good water resistance and moisture resistance, which can be used in many fields.





Name Specification
Material Polyethylene
Weight 10-100gsm
Width 80mm ~ 2000mm
Length 2000M
Surface Treatment Embossed
Application Packing, Industrial, Medical, Hygiene, Agricultural


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