Colorful PE Film

Colorful PE Film

Colorful PE Film
Colorful PE Film
Colorful PE film is a product that offers a wide range of color choices along with excellent strength and durability. This film adds visual appeal to products while ensuring structural integrity and longevity. While it is a general-purpose film that does not possess breathability, it can fulfill specific requirements. Colorful PE film finds diverse applications in packaging, construction, and decoration industries, providing versatile solutions. We are committed to providing customized products to meet the needs of different industries and purposes. Colorful PE film will bring color and personality to your products while offering exceptional strength and durability.
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Product Details

PE film, as a common and versatile material, plays a significant role in various application fields. Now, we introduce our colorful PE film product, combining color and strength perfectly. This film not only provides a wide range of color choices but also exhibits excellent strength and durability.

Rich color options:
Our colorful PE film offers a broad range of color choices, including bright primary colors, soft transitional colors, and saturated deep colors. This allows you to select the most suitable color based on your product design and requirements. Whether you need to highlight the vibrant appearance of your product or create a warm and cozy atmosphere, we can provide the right color options.

Excellent strength and durability:
While our colorful PE film does not possess breathability, it excels in strength and durability. The film material undergoes special processing to ensure superior toughness and tear resistance. This enables it to withstand pressure in various applications, protecting products from external environmental damage.

Diverse applications:
The versatility and strength of our colorful PE film make it widely applicable in numerous industries. It can be used in the packaging industry as product packaging bags, cushioning or protective film, providing excellent visual effects while ensuring product integrity.






Name Specification
Material Polyethylene
Weight 10 - 100 gsm
Width 80mm - 2000mm
Length 2000M
Surface Treatment White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange. Desire color and printing design are also acceptable by demand
Application Packaging, Industrial, Medical, Hygiene, Agricultural


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