Embossed Breathable PP Film

Embossed Breathable PP Film

Embossed Breathable PP Film
Embossed Breathable PP Film
We offer embossed breathable PP films that combine functionality and visual appeal without compromising fabric adhesion. Features enhanced breathability and sturdy construction to prevent moisture buildup. Suitable for use in multiple industries, it can be adjusted to meet customer needs and provide reliable product protection.
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Embossed breathable PP film combines functionality and visual appeal, making it an excellent innovative product. This film not only possesses outstanding breathability but also ensures excellent adhesion to fabrics, providing multiple advantages for various applications.

The primary goal of embossed breathable PP film is to offer enhanced breathability while maintaining excellent functionality. The presence of embossed patterns not only adds a unique visual effect but also facilitates air circulation, effectively preventing moisture buildup and ensuring good breathability. This makes the film suitable for multiple industries with a wide range of applications.

Furthermore, embossed breathable PP film has a robust structure that provides tear and puncture resistance, offering reliable protection for your products. The film's design can withstand various processing conditions and can be adjusted according to customer needs to ensure optimal product quality.

We are committed to continuously optimizing our products and services to meet customer needs. Our team possesses expertise and experience and can provide tailored solutions, ensuring you receive high-quality products that meet your expectations. We prioritize the film's breathability, functionality, and reliability and strive to drive innovation to meet the needs of different industries and applications.



Name Specification
Material Polypropylene
Weight 10 - 100 gsm
Width 80mm - 2000mm
Length 2000M
Surface Treatment Embossed
Application Packing, Industrial, Medical, Hygiene, Agricultural


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