waterproof membrane fabric

waterproof membrane fabric

Polyethylene (PE) waterproof membrane fabric has various applications and is commonly used in the following areas:

1. **Roofing and Building Waterproofing:** PE waterproof membrane fabric is widely used in the construction industry as a waterproof layer for roofs or building structures. This helps prevent water infiltration and protects the building structure from water damage.

2. **Basement and Foundation Waterproofing:** When constructing basements or other foundation structures, PE waterproof membrane fabric can be applied on the soil side to prevent groundwater infiltration, preserving the stability of the structure.

3. **Roads and Tunnel Engineering:** PE waterproof membrane fabric can be used in road and tunnel engineering to provide waterproof protection, preventing groundwater from entering the structures.

4. **Hydraulic Engineering:** In hydraulic engineering, PE waterproof membrane fabric is often used in structures such as dams and river embankments to reduce water seepage and enhance structural stability.

5. **Pools and Ponds:** PE waterproof membrane fabric is suitable for use in pools, ponds, or irrigation reservoirs to prevent water leakage and ensure the stability of the water body.

6. **Flooring and Ground Waterproofing:** In some specific applications, PE waterproof membrane fabric may also be applied to flooring or other surfaces that require waterproofing.

One of the advantages of PE waterproof membrane fabric is its cost-effectiveness while delivering excellent waterproofing performance. However, proper installation and maintenance are crucial to ensure its effectiveness and durability.