diaper backsheet

diaper backsheet

diaper backsheet
diaper backsheet
diaper backsheet
diaper backsheet
A microporous film has transformed the diaper industry by providing a superior level of comfort and protection.This film is used in the backsheet of diapers to provide a breathable, yet waterproof barrier that helps keep babies dry and comfortable.The backsheet is the part of the diaper that acts as a leak-proof layer for urine. It is made of waterproof breathable film with non-woven fabric, which has leak-proof performance and breathability.
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product description
Diaper Backsheet
Name Specification
Weight 23gsm ~ 35gsm
Width 80mm ~ 2000mm
Color White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange. Desire color and printing design are also acceptable by demand.
Print Up to 4 colors printed will allow to imitate the multiple color print.
Grade Water proof back sheet layer for Baby Diaper, Adult Diaper, Incontinent.Both Full-laminated and Partial-laminated are available to provide further comfort had feel and breathability.

diaper backsheet

With Softness, high elongation, high WVTR, high Breathability, low WVTR or low Breathability are design to meet by demand. The moisture and heat can easily escaped from microporous backsheet, this will provide user a more comfortable wearing condition and also sharply reduce from diaper-rash, heat-rash or most itching cause by rash.

diaper backsheet

Product Details

1. Surface layer

Cotton (comfortable), fiber (prone to fluff, causing discomfort). The surface layer is in direct contact with the baby's skin, accepts urine, and transmits it. The surface layer has high requirements on materials, feels soft, and does not irritate the baby's skin.

2. Diversion layer (water-locking water-absorbing layer)

Special non-woven fabric (strong/fast adsorption, instant absorption) The conductive layer is the most important item in thin or ultra-thin diapers and is the bridge between the surface layer and the absorption layer. Wood pulp cotton + SAP, polymer (Sumitomo polymer from Japan is better) (super thin, good water retention). (SAP is a super-strong polymer absorbent resin with super-strong water-locking properties) is the most important functional layer in diapers

3 back sheet layer

The function of the back sheet layer of PE film or PE film + non-woven fabric (good air permeability, reducing red butt) is to prevent leakage. Now the commonly used composite bottom layer is that the diaper has a more cloth texture and a better hand feeling.

Our microporous film is used as the backsheet of human diapers. The film is made of high-quality polyethylene material, which is both breathable and waterproof, ensuring urine leakage and keeping you dry and comfortable.

In addition, our films absorb effectively to prevent leakage and reduce the risk of skin irritation. This means our adult diaper backsheets are ideal for those with incontinence issues who need a reliable and comfortable solution to keep them dry and comfortable.

The microporous film is made up of tiny pores that allow air to pass through while preventing moisture from escaping. This means that babies can stay cool and dry, even when wearing a diaper for an extended period of time. The film is also waterproof, which means that it helps prevent leaks and keeps wetness away from the baby's skin.

the microporous film is also incredibly soft and comfortable. It conforms to the baby's body, providing a snug and secure fit that helps prevent leaks and accidents. The film is also lightweight and flexible, which means that it moves with the baby, providing a natural and comfortable feel that is essential for healthy development.

Overall, the microporous film is an essential component of modern diapers, providing a level of protection and comfort that was previously impossible. Its ability to manage moisture and provide a breathable yet waterproof barrier makes it the perfect choice for diaper manufacturers who want to create high-quality products that keep babies dry, comfortable, and happy.

Diapers are composed of various materials, mainly in many layers, each layer having different effects, and finally, a better diaper is formed.

The back sheet of PE film nonwoven fabric is a material to prevent leakage of urine or feces after absorption. The instantly clean and dry waterproof outer layer prevents the leakage of liquids, but it is also very breathable (moisture permeability). Because the waterproof outer layer has tiny holes that are invisible to the naked eye, the urine will not leak out, and only the moisture (gas) in the diaper will escape. Therefore, the diaper will not always be hot, and the baby can be very comfortable. On the outside of the waterproof outer layer, because the surface material is attached, the outer layer is also very soft, and the skin feels like a cloth diaper.


diaper backsheet diaper backsheet diaper backsheet diaper backsheetdiaper backsheetdiaper backsheet diaper backsheet

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